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Tony McKissic

DON GRIFFIN Selected  for
Rauschenberg Tribute Exhibition 2009

Susan Davidson, Curator at the Guggenheim Museum in New York has selected the Art Work "Port Arthur" by Don Griffin for inclusion in The Museum of the Gulf Coast's prestigious “Rauschenberg Tribute Exhibition 2009"!

The exhibition will be on view in the Dunn Gallery at the Museum of the Gulf Coast in Port Arthur, Texas
from August 30, 2009 to October 22, 2009 with a Special Juror Event September 27, 2009 at which time Susan Davidson will choose and announce the winners of the competition.
This spring, Susan Davidson selected works for the Rauschenberg Tribute exhibition which will open to the public with a reception on August 30, 2009. A guest presentation will be given by Lynn Lokensgard, director of the Dishman Gallery and the art department at Lamar University.

The diversity of work selected is very reflective of Rauschenberg's influence. He was an innovator in the use of collage, mixed media, sculpture, and printmaking which can be seen in the works submitted. Interestingly, themes such as global consciousness and concern for the environment are often present in Rauschenberg's own work. These themes are evident in a number of the worldwide entries, along with elements reminiscent of his sense of humor and unconventionality.
As noted by Baltimore City Paper Arts Editor Bret McCabe, from a past show "All That Remains"...Baltimore artist Don Griffin may be Baltimore's Rauschenbergian figure of just this sort of work. A longtime scavenger of items for re-purposing into his art, Griffin also has the wry eye to tap into his so-called trash materials for their past histories. His art splits the difference between personality portraits and abstracted history lessons. Each of his works is an organized item collage that feels like it speaks to a very specific persona while inviting you to travel back to their times and places.

About The Juror:

Susan Davidson, Senior Curator Guggenheim Museum since 2002, Collections & Exhibitions, has been a member of the senior curatorial staff since 2002. Before joining the Guggenheim, she was collections curator at the Menil Collection in Houston for 18 years. Davidson’s research areas include Surrealism, Abstract Expressionism, and Pop art, and she is a specialist on the art of Robert Rauschenberg. In addition to preparing exhibitions for the Guggenheim’s network of museums, she oversees the institution’s outgoing loans and collection management policies.
Her most recent exhibitions and catalogues include: Art in America: 300 Years of Innovation; No Limits, Just Edges: Jackson Pollock Paintings on Paper; Peggy and Kiesler: The Collector and the Visionary (The Story of Art of This Century); and American Pop Icons. She holds advanced degrees in art history from the Courtauld Institute of Art, London, and George Washington University, Washington, D.C.

D. Harris

To View  "Port Arthur" by Don Griffin Follow the Link Below:
Black Art Project
Carl Grubbs